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Here at The Better Health Clinic we aim to provide the best possible healthcare for our patients. We offer bespoke, personalised treatments to suit your needs. We believe in patient centred healthcare and constantly strive to deliver the best possible service. All of our practitioners are adept at musculoskeletal assessment, diagnosis and treatment and as such, are best placed to help you through your pain. Please feel free to browse the site to see the services we provide. If you are a corporate client or interested in becoming one please click here. If you have any questions please get in touch - we will be happy to help.

What can we treat?

Click on the interactive picture below to see some of the problems we can treat at the clinic.

injured back

Increasingly we spend more time at our desks and in offices with poor posture. This places extra strain on our bodies, leading to many of the problems detailed in the interactive picture.

old woman

As we get older we tend to stiffen up. This, combined with wear and tear can lead to numerous problems. If you want to regain some flexibility and ease those aches and pains, we can help.

Injured tennis player

Whether you play rugby, football, golf or ride horses, if you have hurt yourself doing the sport you love we can help you get back to your sporting best.

chronic and acute pain

If you're living with chronic pain and feel you're getting nowhere then we may be able to help. We specialise in understanding and treating your acute and chronic pains.

pregnant woman

Giving birth can be traumatic for both mum and baby. We offer safe and effective treatments throughout your pregnancy and beyond. From pelvic and back pain for you, to treatment for breathing issues and growing pains for your little one.

people running

We Think it's important for people of all ages to receive the best care. We have practitioners who specialise in age-related problems from the very young to the elderly.

What do we do?

We have some of the best practitioners in place to help you through your pain. As a new patient you will most likely be referred to one of our Osteopaths or Physiotherapists for diagnosis and treatment - you will always be referred to the practitioner who best suits you and your needs. All of our treatments are bespoke and tailor-made. So whether you're suffering from back pain, sciatica, headaches, neck pain, sports injuries or muscle strains, we can help

In our Watford clinic we have Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Sports Massage therapists, Acupuncturists, Pilates and Yoga classes (led by a healthcare professional). We also have connections to local and regional practices including nutritionists, weight control experts, fitness professionals and specialist doctors who we regularly refer to, should you need further treatment.

In our High Wycombe clinic we offer high quality, bespoke Osteopathic treatment. Our Osteopaths are trained in medical Acupuncture, sports and kinesiology taping, orthotic insole casting, sports and remedial injury therapy as well as experts in general injuries and pain diagnosis and treatment. If you're unsure please get in touch.


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